I am playing with a single word in this post. ‘SATISFACTION’

Let me start with myself, I belong to that category of people who can absolutely go on moaning about how unsatisfied they are with their lives. Most often, this feeling of being unsatisfied is woven with jealousy and just when I start feeling guilty about it, I meet people exactly like me. Misery does attract company.

This feeling of being unsatisfied probably happens to animals too. We hear the story that even the peacock is not satisfied with his life because he thinks that he has hideous feet (I wish I could show him mine). The parrot is sad because it has only two colours, while the peacock is so vibrant. (So, the parrot is apparently jealous too). The Swan, which is considered as one of the most beautiful birds, is not happy because it has only one colour; white. Thus, the crow is the most unsatisfied of the lot maybe that is why people associate this bird with moaning. (Perhaps he grumbles over his colour; Racist, maybe)

We have attached ourselves to this phrase of being unsatisfied so severely that we rarely meet a person who doesn’t complain over something.

Somehow, we are all struggling in life, we might have faced the worst; heart aches, failures, family issues, and yet we are going strong, so we need to stop criticizing ourselves, STOP WHINING. When we greet every day with a hope that everything will change and today will be a better day, then why are we wasting the little time we have in this life crying over what we don’t have instead of being happy with what we have. We cannot be happy if we constantly compare ourselves with others, and whine about what is wrong with our life, sometimes if things in life go so wrong then instead of being depressed about it, we can be the change. If we have a family, a few friends and a home, then we are luckier than so many others.

The essence of this world lies in in its uniqueness. If God’s idea of this world was anything different, he would have made us all alike but then he did make us all unique.


52 thoughts on “Satisfaction

  1. Arcane Owl says:

    I wouldn’t say I’m the most satisfied person her but I do enjoy some moments of it. Life is multi shaded and it natural for people to count their ills than blessing. However, it is necessary to cultivate the habit of looking at the brighter side and a sense of gratitude. Great post! I like your concluding lines 😉

    Have a great day!
    Arcane Owl

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  2. lovalanche says:

    Embrace your Uniqueness…👍
    We don’t need to FIT IN…. Our personalities do not need to fall in sync with the Perception(read: demands) Of the WORLD… Falling in line is the worst “Fall” ever😊

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  3. Deb says:

    This is a fabulous post, I love it and all that you convey. I laughed right out loud when you commented on showing the peacock your feet, that was so funny!! What you think is what you if you think negative you will bring more negative to you, so doesn’t it make sense to think positive, health, happiness and joy so that you can bring that into your life…yes! Love the saying you posted at the end too!! 🙂

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  4. Priceless Joy says:

    I see animals as being perfectly at peace with themselves. I see them as feeling beautiful and unique in and of themselves. I see them as feeling accepted, loved and wanted by their fellow species. In many cases, they all work as one coherent group. We have the same ability, however, it is our flawed thinking that is our problem. This is a wonderful post!!

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  5. Camila Aimbire says:

    Hey there! I get the feeling you are talking about. And I must say that I currently struggle with being unsatisfied. There are so many things that I am not happy about my current life situation that I cannot change.
    Having said that, your analogy with the bird is perfect. There are always things that you’d like to change about yourself. And just like the birds need to see what’s beautiful about them, we should too. I try very hard every day to see the beauty in my life.

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  6. grey says:

    You are right about being the change. But I believe one should never be too happy or satisfied with what one has, but rather always thrive for betterment.
    And in terms of abilities, we should compare. Why not? We all share equal amount of resources, and bear in mind that many have proved that bitter circumstances have nothing to do with hindering of success. It’s being content and avoiding hard work that hinders success, so if jealousy serves as motivation, why not accept it and use it?

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      • EricMWalk says:

        Same here, I know I was (am from time to time) in that boat. Even more so a year ago when a good friend of mine and I seemed to feed off the whining part of things together. For me I made some changes at the beginning of the year, blogging being one of them, that has helped refocus my effort of otherwise complaining :).

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      • Clueless Birdie says:

        writing or blogging does take our mind off other trivial matters, but then I have to push myself to write, I am an ardent Procrastinator, so basically all I do is whine. 😛 I shall try to bring a little discipline in blogging as well. 🙂

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  7. Bhanu says:

    We can struggle and be satisfied.
    Well technically evolution, tries to make everyone different for case of diversity and survival. But even if we believe God did make us, he surely made us in his own form and he tried to make as many varieties as he can. He used dynamic creation algorithm, so it never is the same.

    Anyway to put words simple, as you say clearly, we need to celebrate the way we are and try to gain content with the things we have. I am not quit sure, if one should stop whining once in for all and forever, because I believe once in a while it is good probably gives rise to introspection. Nothing should be persistent. Well again everyone has different approach, whatever way they chose, one should always try to be happy.

    Irony of the case is, a lot of them gain happiness from the pain and struggle and I wonder, where does satisfaction has place in such scenarios.

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    • Clueless Birdie says:

      Yes it can be taken in both ways, a little whining is always good to incite us to be better, but if it becomes an obsession , we end up losing our individuality , we become sad and depressed constantly feeling jealous of others.
      You are right.
      And Yes we should always try to be happy.
      Thank You for your inspiring words 🙂
      Have a great day ahead 😀

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