A New Tradition!

Since I am the laziest person I know and well, basically everybody around me knows. I have devised a counterplan. I am going to go old school, just like in ‘The Perfect Man’. Yea! For all of you who are judging me right now, I love that movie.
So, I will write about my day or week, however, short the post may be, to give you a little insight into my life.And will be peeking into yours too, through your blogs. 🙂
Let’s start with a hello!
Hi, I am Niyati. I belong to India. I aspire to become an author or an editor someday. I started blogging in January because we had to do it as a part of a class assignment for a course I was taking. But, I love it here.
Now that you have found me, you shall see that I am quite irregular. I am trying really hard to focus. Like, really hard. And particularly about not being lazy.
Well, I love writing. But I often wonder if I am creative at all. Have you read amazing novels and stories which you know came straight from the mysteriously amazing author’s mind to paper. I am not that. I really have to think quite hard to devise a plot. Once I started the blog, I had thought I would write about travel too. And that my friend, I am definitely going to do. When I get up from my bed,that is. Now, I think of writing for fashion at times with those pretty clothes and amazing pictures. But then again, I don’t have a very good dressing sense. So, maybe I will just spend my life in awe of those incredible fashion bloggers out there.
Anyway, this was just a tiny introduction to what might be coming up, every day or every week.
Have a great week ahead.


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