But there is Tomorrow

How are you doing?
I know I am late in starting this daily diary like activity but better late than never. Right? So, how did your weekend go?

I had a pretty boring time. I was in my room the entire time, making no noise, pretending I don’t exist. (I hope Potterheads get this!) And why you may ask. Because I have been waiting for a long time for a day like this. A day about me! I should tell you, it was pretty depressing, though. I ended up crying over my ridiculous self. I am always struggling with low self-esteem. I end up being paranoid about my future or intimidated by others. This happens on normal days too so can you imagine the amount of overthinking I might have done on a lonely off. Today, however, was a total waste of a day.

I end the day in the hope that I shall write and post every day. I do write crazy stuff in my diary every day. (mostly inappropriate for everybody but me). And I might finally go to the gym. It has been a week since I gave an advance for a 3-month membership. The entire week I’ve been a no show!Β Tomorrow is going to be a new day and hopefully with a better and a positive me.


14 thoughts on “But there is Tomorrow

  1. Sudhir Chauhan says:

    every day is a new day… bringing new hope…. and new energy… we need to understand the same and tune our brain accordingly…. our brain starts behaving the way we cultivate emotion…. the brain has to be kept strong by being positive…. always….. cheer up….

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