Towards a better me

I love it when sometimes people tell me that they find my posts inspiring. This is strange because when I start writing a post I do not mean it to be that way. The post was solely a means to express myself. But I know that the struggles for everyone are as real as they are for me. So, when a few people are able to connect with it that makes me content.
As a reader, I love posts that I can relate to and novels that have a happy ending. In life, we might or might not have a happy ending. A novel with a happy end gives people hope. Hope for a better tomorrow. I am obsessed with the future and in the process; I don’t work hard in the present. I am living in a present where I constantly compare myself to others and trying to be better than others. Isn’t the whole purpose of living to be better than we were yesterday?
I am desperate to bring my life on the right track, to finally learn to love myself yet I am not working on it.
I am taking a few resolutions for now, which I will share as soon as I complete them because I rarely complete something I start. I still have too much to share here. Does this mean that along the way my life and my feelings would become an open book? Maybe, these daily posts would transform me into a human being I have yearned to become for long now.
Today was a good day. How was yours? 🙂


2 thoughts on “Towards a better me

  1. utkarsh Singh says:

    Hyee..! First of all..It was a good day for me also.. And when we are talking abou your blog.. thanks for giving us positive vibes. This blog basically teach us how to live in present time and Exactly agreed with your kind words. Waiting for next one….. 😊 Stay blessed👍

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