A tofu way of thinking

“The mind is like tofu. It tastes like whatever you marinate it in.” – Sylvia Boorstein

Don’t you think this is nothing but the truth? I have a tendency to marinate the tofu(my mind) in negative thoughts leading me to feel low about myself by comparing myself to others. I spend my days guessing how perfect someone else’s life is. And this is a cycle. Once you start contemplating, you cannot stop. One way or another over thinking, builds up negative emotions, thoughts or creates problems that never truly were there. It is very difficult to get rid of these inhibiting thoughts; moreover, these have a tendency to grow.
Yesterday, while returning from work I saw a picture of my friends. They were looking absolutely gorgeous. They are, a few of those people who specifically intimidate me and thus, unknowingly I get lost in the pond of negativity, feeling lesser than I actually am. All the way home I was thinking about it. Finally, when I had enough, I told myself,What if they have a perfect figure with all the amazing clothes in the world?” (Ok! Yes, I am jealous) “So what if they are doing better in their career than me, right now?
Instead, I need to be asking myself; has my life has stopped?  Don’t I have a passion for moving forward or making things right?
Am I not ambitious? Am I not working out to remain fit? (Not to mention those amazing clothes that are available only in small size!)
Then why do I need to fret? Why am I spending every moment in jealousy and trapping my mind with negativity?
If my mind is a tofu, then, I am going to marinate it in the best sauce available and that which is prepared with positivity and perseverance. I’m sure that will make a very healthy diet.



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