Commitment to myself!

The difficult part of doing something new is maybe not the start, the beginning is easy, one adrenaline rush and you are done. What is difficult is the process of moving on with it!
I have often started things I have never completed, my commitment to my tasks, life, has always been incomplete.

I started this blog because I love writing, I started Three Red Bandanas because I wanted to make my mark in the lifestyle blogging industry.

Stage one: Launch-complete
Stage two: Consistency- Incomplete.

So obviously, stage three never arises.

Writing makes me grounded. The lesser I write, the more disconnected I feel from myself. I can go on explaining how it is a meditation for me, but none of it will matter as long as I am not making an effort to actually do it.

After several failed efforts, I am trying to bring my life on track, to do what I love to do, the only thing I can actually do, to be here, to write as much as possible. This is the commitment I am making to myself today, I hope to keep it because it will define how much I love myself.
Make a commitment to change something today, for the better and share it with me, here. So that I know I am not alone, and we can share our progress and inspire each other to do better.


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